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The Steiger Family Album

Steiger Family Album

This Can't Really Be Worth A Thousand Words. I'm going to have to apologize in advance for the complete lack of organization. When I first put up a few pictures of my life it was easy to navigate, but now it's all in any random order as I think to add new stuff. I'll get around to making it easier to find things soon, I promise. (where "soon" contains values between one day and one century)

Critter Gallery: I grabbed a few pictures of that poor weasel (which turned out to be a ground squirrel) before Sylvia went on her rampage. I also got pictures of a deer that went camping in the shelter of the retaining wall around our semi-foundation, and another one that went dumpster-diving in the barrel where we keep trash to burn.

As for those guns, this picture of Sylvia playing a sniper isn't from the weasel-hunting episode, but from one of our first practice sessions; you can also see the deadly force used by Irene, Daniel, and yours truly that day. I must stress that both hatchlings have been through a hunter safety course taught by the sheriff's department, and probably know about (and exercise) more gun safety practices than most adults, including hunters

I work out of a home office in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a software company in Dallas, Texas; I've been working there 17 years as of next September so I can get away with not showing up in a cubicle. The boss asks me to send in a picture once in a while so the folks who have never met me in person can put a face with all the emails, such as that one from about a year ago. When people ask me "Do you really wear a bathrobe to work every day?" my answer is, of course not. I only wear the bathrobe Monday through Thursday, and then Friday is casual day. You really don't want to know any more than that.

Here is a picture of my first try playing softball as referenced in the story section.

Recently my boss got us all team t-shirts and sent me one, so on the day they all wore their shirts to work, I sent in a new picture to join in on the fun. The "PS" is for "product support".

I tend to grow and remove hair at random just to keep people guessing. Once I went several years without touching a razor to my chin - and the result was something like this in 1996. During a company dinner I snuck out to my car, cut off the whole thing and returned barefaced. One colleague who had never known me without a beard couldn't stop screaming. It was great!

So just to be different, my son likes to keep his hair short. He recently got a close chop before joining the Civil Air Patrol, so my wife took a picture of me with the kids in order of hair length. That's about four years worth, which means it's time to cut off and start over again. I recently heard about Locks Of Love, an organization that takes your discarded hair and turns it into wigs for children who have lost their own hair for whatever reason. Sadly, there aren't a lot of kids who need partially gray hair like mine, but LoL says they can still use it.

Speaking of Daniel, here is is all decked out in his soldier suit on his last day of National Guard drill weekends, just before he shipped off to Basic Training. For comparison, here's a before-and-after picture with his recruiter Sgt. Lilley they day before he shipped to Basic Training, and then with Drill Sgt. Corley the day he graduated at Fort Benning.

Most of my friends are older than I am, or at least they used to be when I first started singing barbershop music, and this is the quartet I invited myself into last year, performing this past Tuesday (02/04/03) at some women's luncheon. If you really have a fast connection, you can hear our hit single, "I'll Fly Away" as well as the B side, "Turn Your Radio On". We also perform in the Frontier Days Parade every year, and guess whom they pick to expose himself in the bathtub? Here's a peek at my 3-year stint as director of the Wyomingaires barbershop chorus.