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Howdy! Glad you could drop by and set a spell. This site is for all my friends (both of them) and family who keep asking me for new pictures, new stories, updates on all the climactic events in my life. And with clever use of keywords like Houston, SFASU, Cheyenne, Wyoming, barbershop, Steiger, FERA, Woodview, doo-wop, Clipper, and of course cryptozoology as it applies to database normalization with banana daiquiris, the search engines should help long-lost acquaintances find me or avoid me as the case may be.

So pull up a keyboard and click on the links at the top of the page to find out more about me and what's going on in my life. You may also see the newest family photos, meet God, find out just what exactly I think about Linux, and learn how to reduce your spam intake.

If you haven't been here for a while, you may notice the new look of the place. We got us a new domain host and in the course of transferring my files to the new digs, I figured it was high time to upgrade my HTML skills and get my tattered old web page more organized so you can find what interests you. As of this writing (03/31/09) not all the links work yet, but at least you can admire the slick new layout and read my old stories.

THIS IS NOT A BLOG. I don't post to it regularly, and there are no forums.. fora... whatever... where my friends and foes can leave feedback. If you have any comments or questions about what you find here, or if you just want to tell me what a colossal idiot I am (as if I didn't already know), head on over to the Contact page and send me an email.